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The MACA. Further proof of the greatness of curling.

February 9th, 2009

I know Robin Kerr sent out an email with results from last weekend’s MACA (Mid-Atlantic Curling Association) event in Chesapeake. Robin puts a great deal of effort into this series and all kinds of curlers benefit as a result. 

Results, however, are only a small part of the story. Events like the MACA, always organized by remarkably committed volunteers, are an essential part of the spirit of curling. They offer a day of friendly competition and a chance to get to know new people in a curling club, surely one of the most hospitable places on earth. I’ve long been amazed by how well people of all stripes and stations in life can get along on a sheet of curling ice or over a few adult beverages in the lounge after a game. Differences get checked at the door — even Neil Sullivan and I try to limit our political arguments to the online world — and everyone enjoys a respite from the daily grind. Even at the game’s highest levels, the players  who really understand curling make an effort to not just curl but learn about their opponents. John Morris, Glenn Howard, Jon Mead, Pete Fenson — they’ve all told me the friendships they’ve made are as valuable as the games they’ve won. 

Call me crazy, but I think a great idea for this stimulus package would involve building 100 new curling facilities around the U.S.  Lot of new infrastructure and for just over $100 million, our nation just might rediscover a sense of community. 

Hats off to Robin and everyone from the Plainfield CC who has participated in this year’s MACA events.

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