PCC Members,
As a service to our members, I will have a modest amount of equipment for sale in the warm room in the Display Case. The procedure for sales when I am not in the warm room is to write down what you purchased on the sales log in the Display Case, and place cash or check made out to PCC in the attached envelope. I will also place Brooms Up catalogues around the warm room. If there’s something you need that I don’t currently have on hand, and is in the Brooms Up catalogue, let me know and I will get it for you. Note that Gary from Booms Up will be visiting the club with his merchandise RV the weekend of the Women’s All American (Feb 6). More details
forthcoming as we get closer to the date.

I will also continue to sell prior year Bonsqueal t-shirts and other PCC shirts that I have on hand from prior years. I will hang samples up around the warm room. I can also offer the sublimated team gear from Asham, similar to last year. Details below.

At this time, I am still working on other PCC custom apparel offers. More to come on that, but in the meantime, I welcome your input.
And remember, it’s not how you curl, but how you look!

Your PCC Haberdasher
Hugh Gordon

Sublimated PCC Team Apparel by Asham:
For all the Asham Team apparel, the PCC logo will be on the left breast. You can add player’s name on the right breast and/or across the back at no extra charge! All the apparel is made of moisture wicking fabric.


  • Short sleeve crew neck shirt in men’s and women’s: $55
  • Long sleeve crew neck shirt in men’s and women’s: $65
  • Short sleeve 1/4 zip shirt in men’s and women’s: $65
  • Long sleeve 1/4 zip shirt in men’s and women’s: $75
  • Mens and womens jacket: $115

PCC Members,

Custom PCC apparel and other quality merchandise from Lands’ End Business Outfitters will be offered again this year. You can find a huge selection of shirts, pullovers, sweaters, jackets, hats, pants, bags and more, in multiple colors, styles and material, the vast majority of which has NO REQUIRED MINIMUM QUANTITY ORDER. I will put some hard copies of the Lands’ End catalogues in the Warm Room, and will hang a few sample pieces of merchandise to give you an idea of the quality.

Here are the details on how to browse and order:
• You can order directly via their website 24/7, 365 at http://business.landsend.com, or by calling their Customer Service at 1-800-587-1541 7am-7pm CDT, Monday-Friday, To place a web order, you’ll have to create your own personal Login once (no charge), and can then reuse it each time you want to order something.
• The cost will be the item prices shown on the website/catalogue, +$8.50 per item to add our embroidered PCC logo (see picture below), plus shipping, which should run $9.95 for a normal size order (UPS ground). Similar to other web purchases, you can expedite the shipping, but you’ll pay more. Order processing time to have the PCC logo sewn on your items is about 7 business days. Any applicable discounts or special offers you find from Lands’ End Business Outfitters can be applied to your order, and who doesn’t like a bargain?
• You order directly, pay directly, and can have the items shipped anywhere you like. WE’VE ELIMINATED THE MIDDLE MAN! (i.e. me)
• DON’T LIKE WHAT YOU ORDERED FOR ANY REASON? RETURN IT FOR A FULL REFUND, EVEN IF YOU HAD IT EMBROIDERED WITH OUR LOGO! That’s the Lands’ End guarantee. You will have to pay for the shipping, though.
• Here’s the technical part:
◦ To create your own personal Login: After clicking the link to the Lands’ End Business Outfitters website above, go to the “My Account” drop down on the top right of your screen, and select “Sign In”. Type in the required personal information on the right side of the screen for “New Customers, and click the “Create a New Account” box.
◦ To have the PCC Logo added to items you order, you have to first do a one time association of our logo to your personal Login. After you create your Login per the above, go to the “My Account” drop down on the top right of your screen, and select “My Logos”. Click on the “Associate a logo to my account” box. You’ll be prompted to type in a Logo Reference Number: Type in 1452268, and a Customer Number: Type in 6820187. If you have troubles, need help, or are just plain lazy, call Customer Service at 1-800-587-1541, and they’ll do it for you!
◦ To have our logo added to your item, after you’ve selected an item for purchase, including size and color (just like any other website purchase), click on the “Apply Logo” button. A picture of our logo (see below) should appear (after you’ve associated it with your Login, per the above). Click it, and then you’ll see a number of options of selecting a location of where you want it sewn on your item. Click the location you prefer, and then click the “Apply Logo” box, and lastly, the “Add to Bag” box. That’s it, easy-peasy! But, if you’re technically challenged, or just plain dense, you can call their Customer Service at the number above and they’ll walk you through it, or even do it for you and finish your order over the phone. How’s that for service!
◦ If you would like to order a hat with our logo, you need to use logo reference # 1453980. Same procedure as explained above. I had to create a smaller, less detailed logo for hats (see attached picture). This logo is 3 in. wide x 2 in. high. Logo for shirts and jackets (# 1452268) is 3 in. wide by 3.25 in. high. If you like, you can use the smaller logo on shirts, jackets, etc. as well. The cost to add the smaller logo is $5.95 per item.
◦ You can also add your name or initials monogramed to anything you purchase. The cost for monogramming is $6.00 per item. Call Lands’ End Customer Service at the number above when you place your order if you want this option.

I believe you’ll find this offer insanely great, but if you feel there’s something lacking, I welcome your feedback. Hopefully I will soon see you all sporting lots of handsome PCC custom apparel, especially at Bonspiels. AND REMEMBER, IT’S NOT HOW YOU CURL, BUT HOW YOU LOOK!

Your PCC Haberdasher
Hugh Gordon