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PCC Brings Home The Bucket

December 13th, 2011 Comments off

Our awards shelf had been Bucket-less for several years, but we’re now very happy to have won the privilege of displaying The Bucket at the PCC!

The Bucket is also the name of the annual mixed friendly bonspiel we play against our Ardsley Curling Club neighbors to see where its trophy is displayed for the next year.

A big “Thank You” to Nicole Husch for championing this effort for the PCC and to the 25 of our members who brought their “A” game to Ardsley on Sunday, December 11 to secure a decisive victory for Plainfield!

Catching Up.

February 3rd, 2009 Comments off

It seems that I’ve fallen behind again when it comes to results for our club members so let me get caught up. 

First, the Thrifty, the January bonspiel that is supposed to celebrate Scottish frugality but always winds up providing a pile of food, pipes and drums, laughs, fine drink, trifle and good curling. It’s really just the entry fee that’s a nod to austerity.  Since the results can be found on this web site by clicking on Thrifty under the Bonspiels link, I’ll  just mention the First Event final because it featured a bunch of wily veterans —  club presidents past and present — against four juniors. Turns out that whole wisdom  and experience thing actually does matter sometimes as Don Baird, Bill Peskoff, Maryann Vermeulen, Earle Conrad picked up the win against Brandon Folkes, Cameron Ross, Jeremy Ringler and Matt Ryklin. Thanks again to Tom Orians and Bill MacDonald for running this spiel — it’s  no small amount of work. 

What else has been happening? Well, we had Plainfield curlers faring well Chesapeake, apparently unfazed by the curiously low ceilings at that club. The results included, at least according to Don Greb, the first appearance by Ed Veltre in an event final while playing skip in a club other than Plainfield. And you thought we weren’t keeping statistics. That sounds like the kind of obscure information only a baseball analyst would provide.

Our juniors appeared to have a great time at a bonspiel at Potomac early in the year. A few of them were foolish enough to give me access to their Facebook pages and I must say it looked like the kind of event I wish I had played in more often when I was a teenager. I should add, however, that the parents have no reason for concern; from the photos I saw, it seemed as though the kids behaved far better than I ever did. If you have young kids just starting to curl, make sure they talk to the group that went down for this event.  We also had juniors at a spiel in Cape Cod, where the rink of Bill Reynolds, Tanner Heffner, Julie Greenbaum and Becca Turlip captured the Second Event. 

The Club Nationals were at Broomstones a couple of weekends ago. Jason Valetutto’s team of Mark Mooney, Brady Gould and Aaron Dubberley were  in every game but found themselves finishing out of the playoffs. Curious line score of the week was a game they had against Jeff Lesuk of Ardsley that saw the PCC crew score a seven when, if I remember correctly, they were down three. 

Finally, my own Olympic dreams died at the Challenge Round in Bismarck, North Dakota. A couple of brain freezes — giving up a steal of three in the tenth to lose by one to former national champ Craig Disher being the most bitter pill — kept my team out of Denver and the Olympic Trials. We did play well — beat defending champ Craig Brown — but the week also pointed out the advantages enjoyed by the Midwest teams who had played about four times as many games together as we had. 

Remember that PCC’s Nina Reiniger is off to Denver in mid-February with Erika Brown’s rink. If her team continues to play as well as they have all season, they will do very well. I’m not saying anything else because I believe in all manner of jinxes, hexes and curses. 

That’s it for now. I’m sure I’ve forgotten some things so send me an email if you think there is an especially heinous omission. The Men’s PCC Stone is the next spiel at our club — March 5th through the 8th.

Bonspiel results.

December 1st, 2008 Comments off

Ask any experienced curler to name their favorite aspect of the sport and they’ll probably reply, “Bonspiels.” Whether it’s a social event or a competitive spiel with cash on the line, they bring out the best aspects of this beautiful game. If you’re a new curler who hasn’t been to a bonspiel yet and you’d like to play in one, make sure the experienced players at our club know you’re interested. Every event has its own flavor and personality but all serve to remind us that the curling community is a rich one. 

I’m going to be posting the results of PCC curlers on this site throughout the year. If you play in a bonspiel that’s not in our club, send me an email and tell me how you did once you get back. 

Here are some of the pre-Thanksgiving activities of our fellow club members.

Jason Valetutto and his rink of Mark Mooney, Brady Gould and Aaron Dubberley won the Fifth Event at The Achilles in Schenecatady. Bill Peskoff also played in this bonspiel as a member of the Scott Edie rink. Bill’s seniors team, also with Scott Edie skipping, won the Inaugural Bonspiel at Potomac in mid-October. 

Some of our junior curlers were in a bonspiel at Broomstones in Wayland, MA in mid-November. Thomas Howell, playing with Korey Dropkin, Andrew Glaser and David Wadsworth of Broomstones, won the First Event. The team of Brandon Folkes, Jeremy Ringler, Cameron Ross and Matt Ryklin — all from PCC — was runner-up in the Second Event. The PCC junior girls — Brandi Arsenault, Erica Seng, Julie Greenebaum and Rebecca Turlip — were eliminated in the second round of the Second Event.  

Nina Reiniger is playing second on five-time U.S. Champion Erika Brown’s team this season. They’ve had a terrific season on the Asham World Curling Tour, winning $10,000 and climbing to the #16 ranking. They qualified (in cash spiel lingo, that means they made the playoffs and won some money) at the Southwestern Ontario Women’s Charity Cashspiel in London, losing 7-5 in the semi-finals to last year’s world runner-up, Bingyu Wang of China. They had a hiccup in Duluth where they failed to qualify before qualifying again in the semi-finals of the very competitive Sun Life Financial event in Brantford, Ontario. In that one, they lost in the semi-final to eventual champ Marie-France Larouche of Quebec. Based on this year’s World Curling Tour results, they are currently the top team in the United States. 

At The Harvest in Philadelphia, John DeJong and his team of Karen DeJong, Peter DeJong (Ardsley) and Elizabeth DeJong won the Third Event. Bob Fox and his team of Andrea Stepnosky, Paul Graebener and Louisa Bartok, playing under the LBI banner, finished runner-up in the Second Event. PCC members Robin Kerr and Sue Lindsay were part of a team that won the Fourth Event. 

Finally, I’m part of a team that qualified and lost in the semi-finals at the Money Concepts Skins in Ottawa in November. It’s an Ontario Curling Tour event. Our team has Matt Hames of Buffalo at skip, former PCC member Matt Mielke at third, Ardsley’s Bill Stopera at second and yours truly at lead. 

— Dean Gemmell