General Rules for Members of PCC


  • We do have limited parking…..we do NOT own the building next door, so don’t park there…..or across the street.
  • All smoking outdoors only, please.  This is a State Law.  This also includes the so-called “e-cigarettes” and other similar devices.
  • When leaving the PCC and driving down McKinley St towards Durham Ave, keep in mind:  No left turns on Durham Ave….the S. Plainfield police force will “remind” you with a ticket….

The Warm Room:

  • Obey the Bar rules:  Members must NOT serve themselves – get another member to serve you.  There will most likely be someone behind the bar.
  • Members must purchase bar cards….no cash purchase of drinks….We also have books (binders) containing “check-off lists” for each member….these are used for bonspiels.  Use them to record your guests drinks.
  • You must not bring your own alcoholic beverages into the PCC building.
  • Watch out for the open trapdoor in the kitchen!  The yellow chain should be across the opening into the kitchen/bar!  If you must go into the basement, put up the yellow chain!
  • Please use the recycling bins!  Aluminum and glass are to be separate from the trash.  All cardboard should also be recycled (put into the blue recycling bins outside of the building in the front)

All Players:

  • Remember:  There is a time limit on nearly all games – usually 2 hours….keep the game moving!  There is no definite number of Ends that must be played…it is a TIMED game…your game might go 8 Ends if you keep the game moving.
  • If you cannot make a game, get a substitute.  There may be times when you’re not able to curl as scheduled.  It’s your responsibility to get a substitute. Use the PCC website “substitute” email link to send out for Subs. A “No-Show” can cancel or mess up a game!  Also, let your Skip know of your dilemma.  Games can always start with 3 players….
  • Be on time! Get to the club in time to change and warm up before the game. If you know you’ll be unavoidably late, inform your team in advance.  Call the Warm Room number…. 908.668.9460….let someone know.
  • Keep the ice clean!  The Ice Minions will NOT be pleased if debris is on the ice….a grain of dirt can cause a Stone to shift direction or slow down. Change your shoes in the warm room. Please use the shoe brush on the floor to the left of the door to the Ice Shed.  Please step on the “fly paper” BEFORE stepping on the ice.  Don’t forget to check the inside of your gripper for the trapped dirt at the edges.  The shoes you wear should only be used for curling.  Keep them clean.  Got dust on your broom?  Use the lint removers (they are located throughout the Warm Room and the Ice Shed)….also, use the hand brushes (at both ends of the Ice Shed) on your brooms.
  • Compliment a good shot ….. even compliment your opponent’s shots!  This really helps build the confidence in the new players!  Remember, this is a “gentleman’s” sport…probably the opposite of Hockey….
  • Yes, I know …. sometimes the game on the other sheet is worth watching, but keep your attention focused on your own game…
  • If a Stone is heading out of bounds – towards the other sheet – stop that Stone!  We don’t want to “mess” up the other game or hit/injure players on the other sheet.
  • You may bring drinks into the Ice Shed.  Please do not take beverages out of the cases along the walls…we use the Ice Shed as a “giant” refrigerator.  Please “pay” for your drinks in the Warm Room.
  • The trash buckets in the Ice Shed are just for trash – please use the recycling chutes in the bar area for cans, plastic and glass bottles!

Delivering Your Stone:

  • If you are the Lead on your team, and you got the point on the last End, get ready to deliver your Stone on the next End.
  • Be ready. Take your position in the hack as soon as your opponent has delivered his/her Stone.
  • Throwers should be ready to deliver the Stone as soon as the skip asks for it.  Please do not wait until the skip gives you the broom to clean your Stone.  This is a major cause of delays in the game.
  • The handle of the Stone should be clearly released BEFORE the hog line.
  • Once you have released the Stone, be sure to get your knees and hands off the ice so you don’t cause melting which will affect play.


  • When a teammate is ready to throw a Stone, place his/her Stone in front of the hack to help speed up the game.
  • Be courteous.  Don’t distract your opponent in the hack.  Keep your distance, be silent and motionless.  Don’t walk or run across the ice when a player is in the hack. Don’t gather around the back of the house when an opponent is throwing.  Only the skips and vices are allowed behind the tee line.
  • Sweepers should stand either on the outer wall walkway or on the line between the sheets – and only between the hoglines – when opponents are throwing Stones and Sweeping.  Also, it is best to remain still when an opponent is throwing…
  • Wait for the score.  Vice skips are the only players allowed in the house while the score for the end is being decided.  All other players should wait beyond the hog line until told they may move into the house to clear the Stones.  When a measurement is necessary, only the two vices shall be in the house.
  • Keep the game moving; delays detract from the sport. Be prepared to sweep as soon as your teammate releases the Stone.
  • Don’t stop a burnt Stone – Stones that are burned before crossing the scoring end hog line should be immediately removed from play. Stones that have entered the scoring end (over the “far” hog line) should be allowed to come to rest.  Notify your skip that the Stone was burnt.   If you have personally moved a stationary Stone, say so immediately so that it may be replaced (put into original position) to the satisfaction of the both Skips.


  • Skips should keep the game moving by minimizing delay in making decisions. Avoid long conferences.
  • A Skip or Vice standing in the house should keep perfectly still and avoid doing anything which would disturb the concentration of the opposing player in the hack.

End of the Game….

  • The losing team sweeps down the Sheet with the big, fuzzy mop….the mop is then brushed out over the trash buckets at the ends of the Sheets.
  • At the end of a game – win or lose – shake hands with your opponents!  And remember, at the PCC, the Winners buy the Losers a drink – Lead buys a drink for Lead, Second buys a drink for Second, etc…